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shuttle (ˈʃʌtəl Pronunciation for shuttle



  1. a bobbin-like device used in weaving for passing the weft thread between the warp threads
  2. a small bobbin-like device used to hold the thread in a sewing machine or in tatting, knitting, etc
    1. a bus, train, aircraft, etc, that plies between two points, esp one that offers a frequent service over a short route
    2. short for space shuttle
    1. the movement between various countries of a diplomat in order to negotiate with rulers who refuse to meet each other
    2. (as modifier)   ⇒ shuttle diplomacy
  3. (badminton) short for shuttlecock


  1. to move or cause to move by or as if by a shuttle

Word Origin

Old English scytel bolt; related to Middle High German schüzzel, Swedish skyttel. See shoot, shot


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= go back and forth, commute, go to and fro, alternate, ply, shunt, seesaw

Translations for 'shuttle'

  • British English: shuttlePronunciation for shuttle A shuttle is a spacecraft that is designed to travel into space and back to earth several times.ˈʃʌtl NOUN
  • Arabic: مَكُّوكPronunciation for مَكُّوك
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ônibus espacialPronunciation for ônibus espacial
  • Chinese: 航天飞机Pronunciation for 航天飞机
  • Croatian: šatlPronunciation for šatl
  • Czech: raketoplánPronunciation for raketoplán
  • Danish: pendulrutePronunciation for pendulrute
  • Dutch: ruimteveerPronunciation for ruimteveer
  • European Spanish: lanzaderaPronunciation for lanzadera
  • Finnish: sukkulaPronunciation for sukkula
  • French: navettePronunciation for navette
  • German: PendelfahrzeugPronunciation for Pendelfahrzeug
  • Greek: λεωφορείο γραμμήςPronunciation for λεωφορείο γραμμής
  • Italian: navettaPronunciation for navetta
  • Japanese: 定期往復便Pronunciation for 定期往復便
  • Korean: 근거리 왕복Pronunciation for 근거리 왕복
  • Norwegian: pendlertransportPronunciation for pendlertransport
  • Polish: transport wahadłowyPronunciation for transport wahadłowy
  • Portuguese: vaivémPronunciation for vaivém
  • Romanian: navetă spațială navete spațiale
  • Russian: космический корабль многоразового использованияPronunciation for космический корабль многоразового использования
  • Spanish: lanzaderaPronunciation for lanzadera
  • Swedish: skyttelPronunciation for skyttel
  • Thai: กระสวยPronunciation for กระสวย
  • Turkish: karşılıklı sefer yapan araçPronunciation for karşılıklı sefer yapan araç
  • Ukrainian: шатл
  • Vietnamese: xe con thoiPronunciation for xe con thoi
  • British English: shuttle If someone or something shuttles or is shuttled from one place to another place, they frequently go from one place to the other. VERBHe and colleagues have shuttled back and forth between the three capitals.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: viajar com frequência
  • Chinese: 频频往返于两地之间频頻频頻往返于於两兩地之间
  • European Spanish: trasladarse
  • French: faire la navette
  • German: pendeln
  • Italian: fare la spola
  • Japanese: 往復する
  • Korean: 왕복하다
  • Portuguese: viajar com frequência
  • Spanish: trasladarse

Example Sentences Including 'shuttle'

A consortium of local businessmen had chartered the seaplane, and a twice-weekly shuttle would continue as long as the gifts arrived.
Ballard, J. G. Rushing to Paradise
Hunter added, `There's a bagman due in from London on the breakfast shuttle with documentation Ferguson's having rushed through.
Higgins, Jack Confessional
Olly moved forward once more, walking swiftly among them and past Ellel to become their leader as they returned to the shuttle silo.
Tepper, Sheri S. A Plague of Angels


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