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side effect



  1. any unwanted nontherapeutic effect caused by a drug Compare aftereffect (sense 2)
  2. any secondary effect, esp an undesirable one

Translations for 'side effect'

  • British English: side effectPronunciation for side effect The side effects of a drug are the effects, usually bad ones, that the drug has on you in addition to its job of curing illness or pain.The treatment has several unpleasant side effects.saɪd ɪˈfɛkt NOUN
  • Arabic: آثَارٌ جَانِبِيَّةPronunciation for آثَارٌ جَانِبِيَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: efeito colateralPronunciation for efeito colateral
  • Chinese: 副作用Pronunciation for 副作用
  • Croatian: nuspojavaPronunciation for nuspojava
  • Czech: vedlejší účinekPronunciation for vedlejší účinek
  • Danish: bivirkningPronunciation for bivirkning
  • Dutch: neveneffectPronunciation for neveneffect
  • European Spanish: efecto secundarioPronunciation for efecto secundario
  • Finnish: sivuvaikutusPronunciation for sivuvaikutus
  • French: effet secondairePronunciation for effet secondaire
  • German: NebenwirkungPronunciation for Nebenwirkung
  • Greek: παρενέργειαPronunciation for παρενέργεια
  • Italian: effetto collateralePronunciation for effetto collaterale
  • Japanese: 副作用Pronunciation for 副作用
  • Korean: 부작용Pronunciation for 부작용
  • Norwegian: bivirkningPronunciation for bivirkning
  • Polish: skutek ubocznyPronunciation for skutek uboczny
  • Portuguese: efeito secundárioPronunciation for efeito secundário
  • Romanian: efect secundar efecte secundare
  • Russian: побочный эффектPronunciation for побочный эффект
  • Spanish: efecto secundarioPronunciation for efecto secundario
  • Swedish: biverkningPronunciation for biverkning
  • Thai: ผลข้างเคียงPronunciation for ผลข้างเคียง
  • Turkish: yan etkiPronunciation for yan etki
  • Ukrainian: побічний ефект
  • Vietnamese: tác dụng phụPronunciation for tác dụng phụ

Example Sentences Including 'side effect'

As a welcome side effect , it also boosts fat metabolism, and so will help you to lose weight.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Best real world side effect : The idea of government assassins playing video games makes your 10-hour Metroid marathon seem totally OK.
Maxim (2004)
Facial blood vessels are the primary, visual side effect that are triggered by certain stimuli.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
For some companies, emissions trading will become a business opportunity with the welcome side effect of cleaning up the atmosphere.
Globe and Mail (2003)
However, both formulas assume that the present value of additional interest tax shields is the only side effect of accepting the project.
Charles A. D'Ambrosio & Stewart D. Hodges & Richard Brealey & Stewart Myers Principles of Corporate Finance
It also has the unfortunate side effect of attracting an enormous amount of attention.
Val McDermid KICK BACK (2002)
Swallowing the breath her cry had been mounting upon had brought an unwelcome side effect : hiccups.
Clive Barker THE HELLBOUND HEART (2001)
Which might have had the side effect of summoning an unwanted visit from a screw.
Kippax, Frank The Scar


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