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simple (ˈsɪmpəl Pronunciation for simple



  1. not involved or complicated; easy to understand or do   ⇒ a simple problem
  2. plain; unadorned   ⇒ a simple dress
  3. consisting of one element or part only; not combined or complex   ⇒ a simple mechanism
  4. unaffected or unpretentious   ⇒ although he became famous, he remained a simple and well-liked man
  5. not guileful; sincere; frank   ⇒ her simple explanation was readily accepted
  6. of humble condition or rank   ⇒ the peasant was of simple birth
  7. weak in intelligence; feeble-minded
  8. (prenominal) without additions or modifications; mere   ⇒ the witness told the simple truth
  9. (prenomina) ordinary or straightforward   ⇒ a simple case of mumps
  10. (chemistry) (of a substance or material) consisting of only one chemical compound rather than a mixture of compounds
  11. (mathematics)
    1. (of a fraction) containing only integers
    2. (of an equation) containing variables to the first power only; linear
    3. (of a root of an equation) occurring only once; not multiple
  12. (biology)
    1. not divided into parts   ⇒ a simple leaf, a simple eye
    2. formed from only one ovary   ⇒ simple fruit
  13. (music) relating to or denoting a time where the number of beats per bar may be two, three, or four


  1. a simpleton; fool
  2. a plant, esp a herbaceous plant, having medicinal properties

Derived Forms

ˈsimpleness noun

Word Origin

C13: via Old French from Latin simplex plain

Translations for 'simple'

  • British English: simplePronunciation for simple If something is simple, it is not complicated, and is therefore easy to understand or do....simple pictures and diagrams.ˈsɪmpl ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: بَسِيطPronunciation for بَسِيط
  • Brazilian Portuguese: simplesPronunciation for simples
  • Chinese: 简单的Pronunciation for 简单的
  • Croatian: jednostavanPronunciation for jednostavan jednostavna
  • Czech: jednoduchýPronunciation for jednoduchý
  • Danish: simpelPronunciation for simpel
  • Dutch: eenvoudigPronunciation for eenvoudig
  • European Spanish: simplePronunciation for simple
  • Finnish: yksinkertainenPronunciation for yksinkertainen
  • French: simplePronunciation for simplepas compliqué
  • German: einfachPronunciation for einfach
  • Greek: απλόςPronunciation for απλός απλή
  • Italian: semplicePronunciation for semplice
  • Japanese: 簡単なPronunciation for 簡単な
  • Korean: 단순한Pronunciation for 단순한
  • Norwegian: enkelPronunciation for enkel
  • Polish: prostyPronunciation for prosty prostanieskomplikowany
  • Portuguese: simplesPronunciation for simples
  • Romanian: simplu simplu, simplă, simpli, simple
  • Russian: простойPronunciation for простой простая
  • Spanish: simplePronunciation for simple
  • Swedish: enkelPronunciation for enkel enkeltlättfattlig
  • Thai: ง่ายPronunciation for ง่าย
  • Turkish: basitPronunciation for basit
  • Ukrainian: простий
  • Vietnamese: dễ hiểuPronunciation for dễ hiểu

Example Sentences Including 'simple'

Somehow she managed to transform what was pretty simple information into something approximating a Hollywood epic.
Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002)
A simple word, a simple way to avoid all the things that plagued her.
In his world -- the real world -- complicated things can be made simple.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)


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