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skirt  (skɜːt



  1. a garment hanging from the waist, worn chiefly by women and girls
  2. the part of a dress below the waist
  3. Also called: apron a frieze or circular flap, as round the base of a hovercraft
  4. the flaps on a saddle that protect a rider's legs
  5. (British) a cut of beef from the flank
  6. (often plural) a margin or outlying area
  7. (New Zealand) the lower part of a sheep's fleece
  8. See bit of skirt


  1. (transitive) to form the edge of
  2. (transitive) to provide with a border
  3. when intr, foll by around, along, etc to pass (by) or be situated (near) the outer edge of (an area, etc)
  4. (transitive) to avoid (a difficulty, etc)   ⇒ he skirted the issue
  5. (mainly Australian & New Zealand) to remove the trimmings or inferior wool from (a fleece)

Derived Forms

ˈskirted  adjective

Word Origin

C13: from Old Norse skyrta shirt


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= border, edge, lie alongside, line, fringe, flank
= go round, bypass, walk round, circumvent
= avoid, dodge, evade, steer clear of, sidestep, circumvent, detour, fail to mention, body-swerve (Scottish)

Translations for 'skirt'

  • British English: skirt A skirt is a piece of clothing worn by women and girls. It fastens at the waist and hangs down around the legs.skɜːt NOUN
  • Arabic: جَونَلَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: saia
  • Chinese: 裙子
  • Croatian: suknja
  • Czech: sukně
  • Danish: nederdel
  • Dutch: rok
  • European Spanish: falda
  • Finnish: hame
  • French: jupe
  • German: Rock Röcke
  • Greek: φούστα
  • Italian: gonna
  • Japanese: スカート
  • Korean: 스커트
  • Norwegian: skjørt
  • Polish: spódnica
  • Portuguese: saia
  • Romanian: fustă fuste
  • Russian: юбка
  • Spanish: falda
  • Swedish: kjol
  • Thai: กระโปรง
  • Turkish: etekgiysi
  • Ukrainian: спідниця
  • Vietnamese: váy ngắn
  • British English: skirt Something that skirts an area is situated around the edge of it. VERBWe raced across a large field that skirted the slope of a hill.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: circundar
  • Chinese: 位于…的边缘位于於…的边邊缘緣
  • European Spanish: rodear
  • French: longer
  • German: umgehen
  • Italian: fiancheggiare
  • Japanese: ぐるっと囲む
  • Korean: 두르다
  • Portuguese: circundar
  • Spanish: rodear

Example Sentences Including 'skirt'

A tight, knee-length black skirt , a pair of heels, a purple silk blouse.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
She could get something to eat then use the toilet to clean herself up and switch from the skirt into her denim leggings.
She was wearing a G-string so I could feel the smoothness of naked flesh beneath her skirt.
Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002)


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