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Definitions of skive

skive1 (skaɪv



  1. (transitive) to shave or remove the surface of (leather)

Word Origin

C19: from Old Norse skifa; related to English dialect shive a slice of bread


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= slack, idle, shirk, dodge, skulk, malinger, swing the lead, gold-brick (US) (slang), bob off (British) (slang), bludge (Australian) ( & New Zealand) (informal), scrimshank (British) (military) (slang)

skive2 (skaɪv



  1. when intr, often foll by off (British, informal) to evade (work or responsibility)

Word Origin

C20: of unknown origin

Translations for 'skive'

  • British English: skive If you skive, you avoid working, especially by staying away from the place where you should be working.The company treated me as though I were skiving.skaɪv VERB
  • Arabic: يَهْجُرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: evitar trabalhar
  • Chinese: 逃避劳动
  • Croatian: zabušavati
  • Czech: ulít se z práce ulívat se z práce
  • Danish: pjække
  • Dutch: drukken (zich)
  • European Spanish: gandulear
  • Finnish: lintsata
  • French: tirer au flanc
  • German: drücken (sich)
  • Greek: λουφάρω
  • Italian: schivare
  • Japanese: 仕事をサボる
  • Korean: 의무를 저버리다
  • Norwegian: splitte
  • Polish: lenić się
  • Portuguese: baldar-se
  • Romanian: a trândăvi
  • Russian: увиливать
  • Spanish: faltar a clase
  • Swedish: skolka
  • Thai: หนีงาน
  • Turkish: kaytarmak
  • Ukrainian: прогулювати прогуляти
  • Vietnamese: trốn tránh trách nhiệm

Example Sentences Including 'skive'

We have lost track of Dan but he probably wouldn't want to skive off something like this anyway.
Scarlett Thomas POPCO (2004)
Dan called me a'terrible skiver' when I caught up with him and it's true - I do skive off all the time.
Scarlett Thomas POPCO (2004)


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