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sleigh (sleɪ Pronunciation for sleigh



  1. another name for sledge1 (sense 1)


  1. (intransitive) to travel by sleigh

Derived Forms

ˈsleigher noun

Word Origin

C18: from Dutch slee, variant of slede sledge1

Translations for 'sleigh'

  • British English: sleigh A sleigh is a vehicle which can slide over snow. Sleighs are usually pulled by horses. NOUN
  • Brazilian Portuguese: trenó
  • Chinese: > 雪橇 通常由马拉的
  • European Spanish: trineo
  • French: traîneau
  • German: Schlitten
  • Italian: slitta
  • Japanese: >そり馬車の
  • Korean: > 썰매말이 끄는
  • Portuguese: trenó
  • Spanish: trineo

Example Sentences Including 'sleigh'

A few minutes later Joe was sleeping like a baby, all curled up in the cosy little nest he'd made himself in the big sleigh bed.
Sue Welfare FALLEN WOMEN (2002)
Don't expect to linger for hours Place to sip hot chocolate A sleigh ride.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Every Christmas she ensured that Santa, complete with sleigh , delivered a present to every child in her community.
British Medical Journal (2002)
I always went to dancing class, and my father made a sleigh for me in the winter.
Routledge, Paul Madam Speaker - The Life of Betty Boothroyd
Oh, Finn told me to tell you he'd book your sleigh ride first thing tomorrow morning.
Cathy Kelly JUST BETWEEN US (2002)
We set up a runway with coloured panels signalling the music from Jingle Bells to Santa's approaching sleigh.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
`I always thought that was a horse-drawn sleigh ,' said Venetia, trying to keep it light.


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