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snotty (ˈsnɒtɪ Pronunciation for snotty   (considered vulgar)



-tier, -tiest
  1. dirty with nasal discharge
  2. (slang) contemptible; nasty
  3. snobbish; conceited


(plural) -ties
  1. a slang word for midshipman

Derived Forms

ˈsnottily adverb
ˈsnottiness noun

Example Sentences Including 'snotty'

But she had to or the snotty librarian would probably call the police on her.
Cecelia Ahern 2004 PS, I LOVE YOU (2004)
Her daughter, a snotty young lady, has appeared in the Tatler.
Secombe, Fred Goodbye Curate
The others joined in: `And bad breath and runny eyes and a snotty nose.
Haines, Pamela The Golden Lion


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