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Definitions of snow

snow (snəʊ Pronunciation for snow



  1. precipitation from clouds in the form of flakes of ice crystals formed in the upper atmosphere related adjective niveous
  2. a layer of snowflakes on the ground
  3. a fall of such precipitation
  4. anything resembling snow in whiteness, softness, etc
  5. the random pattern of white spots on a television or radar screen, produced by noise in the receiver and occurring when the signal is weak or absent
  6. (slang) cocaine
  7. See carbon dioxide snow


  1. (intransitive; with it as subject) to be the case that snow is falling
  2. (transitive; usually passive, followed by over, under, in, or up) to cover or confine with a heavy fall of snow
  3. often with it as subject to fall or cause to fall as or like snow
  4. (transitive) (US & Canadian, slang) to deceive or overwhelm with elaborate often insincere talk See snow job
  5. See be snowed under

Derived Forms

ˈsnowless adjective
ˈsnowˌlike adjective

Word Origin

Old English snāw; related to Old Norse snjōr, Gothic snaiws, Old High German snēo, Greek nipha


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= snowflakes, blizzard, snowfall, snowstorm, sleet, snowdrift

Snow (snəʊ Pronunciation for Snow



  1. C(harles) P(ercy), Baron. 1905–80, British novelist and physicist. His novels include the series Strangers and Brothers (1949–70)

Translations for 'snow'

  • British English: snowPronunciation for snow Snow is the soft white bits of frozen water that fall from the sky in cold weather.The ground was covered in snow.snəʊ NOUN
  • Arabic: ثَلْجPronunciation for ثَلْج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nevePronunciation for neve
  • Chinese: Pronunciation for 雪
  • Croatian: snijegPronunciation for snijeg
  • Czech: sníhPronunciation for sníh
  • Danish: snePronunciation for sne
  • Dutch: sneeuwPronunciation for sneeuw
  • European Spanish: nievePronunciation for nieve
  • Finnish: lumiPronunciation for lumi
  • French: neigePronunciation for neige
  • German: SchneePronunciation for Schnee
  • Greek: χιόνιPronunciation for χιόνι
  • Italian: nevePronunciation for neve
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 雪
  • Korean: Pronunciation for 눈
  • Norwegian: snøPronunciation for snø
  • Polish: śniegPronunciation for śnieg
  • Portuguese: nevePronunciation for neve
  • Romanian: zăpadă zăpezi
  • Russian: снегPronunciation for снег
  • Spanish: nievePronunciation for nieve
  • Swedish: snöPronunciation for snö
  • Thai: หิมะPronunciation for หิมะ
  • Turkish: karPronunciation for kar
  • Ukrainian: сніг
  • Vietnamese: tuyếtPronunciation for tuyết
  • British English: snowPronunciation for snow When it snows, snow falls from the sky.It snowed all night.snəʊ VERB
  • Arabic: يَسقُطُ الْثَلْجُPronunciation for يَسقُطُ الْثَلْجُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nevarPronunciation for nevar
  • Chinese: 下雪Pronunciation for 下雪
  • Croatian: sniježitiPronunciation for sniježiti
  • Czech: snežitPronunciation for snežit
  • Danish: snePronunciation for sne
  • Dutch: sneeuwenPronunciation for sneeuwen
  • European Spanish: nevarPronunciation for nevar
  • Finnish: sataa luntaPronunciation for sataa lunta
  • French: neigerPronunciation for neiger
  • German: schneienPronunciation for schneien
  • Greek: χιονίζωPronunciation for χιονίζω
  • Italian: nevicarePronunciation for nevicare
  • Japanese: 雪が降るPronunciation for 雪が降る
  • Korean: 눈이 내리다Pronunciation for 눈이 내리다
  • Norwegian: snøPronunciation for snø
  • Polish: śnieżyćPronunciation for śnieżyć
  • Portuguese: nevarPronunciation for nevar
  • Romanian: a ninge
  • Russian: идет снегPronunciation for идет снег
  • Spanish: nevarPronunciation for nevar
  • Swedish: snöaPronunciation for snöa
  • Thai: หิมะตกPronunciation for หิมะตก
  • Turkish: kar yağmakPronunciation for kar yağmak
  • Ukrainian: йти (про сніг)
  • Vietnamese: tuyết rơiPronunciation for tuyết rơi

Example Sentences Including 'snow'

Even the Wall, that raised scar across the face of the city, could look friendly in the snow.
At that point the Sayan mountains form the frontier, which is the natural habitat of the snow leopard.
He took her case, walked across the dry, frozen tarmac, cleared snow piled at the edges in solid ridges.


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