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snowboarding  (ˈsnəʊˌbɔːdɪŋ



  1. the sport of moving across snow on a snowboard

Translations for 'snowboarding'

  • British English: snowboarding Snowboarding is the sport or activity of travelling down snowy slopes using a snowboard. NOUNNew snowboarding facilities should attract more people.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: snowboard
  • Chinese: 滑雪板运动滑雪板运運动
  • European Spanish: snowboard
  • French: snowboard
  • German: Snowboarding
  • Italian: snowboard
  • Japanese: スノーボーディング
  • Korean: 스노보드 타기
  • Portuguese: snowboard
  • Spanish: snowboard

Example Sentences Including 'snowboarding'

, snowboarding , Six Pissed Students in a Flat, old music videos, Wicked World, Russian fashion models, Art?
Tony Parsons MAN AND WIFE (2002)


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