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snowplough or (especially US) snowplow (ˈsnəʊˌplaʊ Pronunciation for )



  1. an implement or vehicle for clearing away snow
  2. (skiing) a technique of turning the points of the skis inwards to turn or stop

Translations for 'snowplough'

  • British English: snowploughPronunciation for snowplough A snowplough is a vehicle which is used to push snow off roads or railway lines.ˈsnəʊˌplaʊ NOUN
  • Arabic: مِحْرَاثِ الْثَلْجPronunciation for مِحْرَاثِ الْثَلْج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: máquina limpa-nevePronunciation for máquina limpa-neve
  • Chinese: 扫雪机Pronunciation for 扫雪机
  • Croatian: ralicaPronunciation for ralica
  • Czech: sněžný pluhPronunciation for sněžný pluh
  • Danish: sneplovPronunciation for sneplov
  • Dutch: sneeuwploegPronunciation for sneeuwploeg
  • European Spanish: quitanievesPronunciation for quitanieves
  • Finnish: lumiauraPronunciation for lumiaura
  • French: chasse-neigePronunciation for chasse-neige
  • German: SchneepflugPronunciation for Schneepflug Schneepflüge
  • Greek: εκχιονιστικό μηχάνημαPronunciation for εκχιονιστικό μηχάνημα
  • Italian: spazzanevePronunciation for spazzaneve
  • Japanese: 除雪車Pronunciation for 除雪車
  • Korean: 제설기Pronunciation for 제설기
  • Norwegian: snøplogPronunciation for snøplog
  • Polish: pług śnieżnyPronunciation for pług śnieżny
  • Portuguese: máquina limpa-nevePronunciation for máquina limpa-neve
  • Romanian: plug de zăpadă pluguri de zăpadă
  • Russian: снегоуборочная машинаPronunciation for снегоуборочная машина
  • Spanish: quitanievesPronunciation for quitanieves
  • Swedish: snöplogPronunciation for snöplog
  • Thai: รถไถกวาดหิมะPronunciation for รถไถกวาดหิมะ
  • Turkish: kar temizleme aracıPronunciation for kar temizleme aracı
  • Ukrainian: снігоочисник
  • Vietnamese: cái ủi tuyếtPronunciation for cái ủi tuyết


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