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snowplough or (especially US) snowplow (ˈsnəʊˌplaʊ Pronunciation for )



  1. an implement or vehicle for clearing away snow
  2. (skiing) a technique of turning the points of the skis inwards to turn or stop

Translations for 'snowplough'

  • British English: snowploughPronunciation for snowplough A snowplough is a vehicle which is used to push snow off roads or railway lines.ˈsnəʊˌplaʊ NOUN
  • Arabic: مِحْرَاثِ الْثَلْجPronunciation for مِحْرَاثِ الْثَلْج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: máquina limpa-nevePronunciation for máquina limpa-neve
  • Chinese: 扫雪机Pronunciation for 扫雪机
  • Croatian: ralicaPronunciation for ralica
  • Czech: sněžný pluhPronunciation for sněžný pluh
  • Danish: sneplovPronunciation for sneplov
  • Dutch: sneeuwploegPronunciation for sneeuwploeg
  • European Spanish: quitanievesPronunciation for quitanieves
  • Finnish: lumiauraPronunciation for lumiaura
  • French: chasse-neigePronunciation for chasse-neige
  • German: SchneepflugPronunciation for Schneepflug Schneepflüge
  • Greek: εκχιονιστικό μηχάνημαPronunciation for εκχιονιστικό μηχάνημα
  • Italian: spazzanevePronunciation for spazzaneve
  • Japanese: 除雪車Pronunciation for 除雪車
  • Korean: 제설기Pronunciation for 제설기
  • Norwegian: snøplogPronunciation for snøplog
  • Polish: pług śnieżnyPronunciation for pług śnieżny
  • Portuguese: máquina limpa-nevePronunciation for máquina limpa-neve
  • Romanian: plug de zăpadă pluguri de zăpadă
  • Russian: снегоуборочная машинаPronunciation for снегоуборочная машина
  • Spanish: quitanievesPronunciation for quitanieves
  • Swedish: snöplogPronunciation for snöplog
  • Thai: รถไถกวาดหิมะPronunciation for รถไถกวาดหิมะ
  • Turkish: kar temizleme aracıPronunciation for kar temizleme aracı
  • Ukrainian: снігоочисник
  • Vietnamese: cái ủi tuyếtPronunciation for cái ủi tuyết

Example Sentences Including 'snowplough'

' The new building will cover about 300 square metres and include a snowplough shed and new toilets.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2004)
This helps them to master snowplough turns without crossing their skis.
Independent (1998)
Until, that is, someone heard on the radio that a snowplough had been lost on the way down from Spilsby.
Jan Fennell FRIENDS FOR LIFE (2003)


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