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social circle (ˈsəʊʃəl ˈsɜːkəl) 



  1. a group of people who are socially connected   ⇒ John refused to be drawn totally into her social circle.

Example Sentences Including 'social circle'

"When retirees move away they often become lonely, isolated from their family and social circle ," says Walker.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
Another mistake, to believe a social circle could be revived.
Weldon, Fay Splitting
Never conduct an affair within 50 miles of your spouse, and always hunt beyond your social circle.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
The who's who of Ottawa's social circle gathered Saturday night at the National Arts Centre for the annual Black & White Opera Soiree.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
Unlike the closed social circle of the traditional football crowd, the doors of Skinner and Baddiel's fetid living-room were open to all.
Ben Thompson SUNSHINE ON PUTTY: The Golden Age of British Comedy from The Big Night Out to The Office (2004)
Why do you think it's taken a year to get him back into our social circle ?
Skelton, Alison Scott An Older Woman


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