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sodden  (ˈsɒdən



  1. completely saturated
    1. dulled, esp by excessive drinking
    2. (in combination)   ⇒ a drink-sodden mind
  2. heavy or doughy, as bread is when improperly cooked


  1. to make or become sodden

Derived Forms

ˈsoddenly  adverb
ˈsoddenness  noun

Word Origin

C13 soden, past participle of seethe


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= soaked, saturated, sopping, drenched, soggy, waterlogged, marshy, boggy, miry, droukit or drookit (Scottish)

Translations for 'sodden'

  • British English: sodden Something that is sodden is extremely wet. ADJECTIVEWe walked over the sodden grass.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: encharcado
  • Chinese: 湿透的湿濕透的
  • European Spanish: empapado empapada
  • French: trempé trempée
  • German: durchnässt
  • Italian: fradicio fradicia
  • Japanese: びしょぬれの
  • Korean: 흠뻑 젖은
  • Portuguese: encharcado encharcada
  • Spanish: empapado empapada


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