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sort out


verb (transitive, adverb)

  1. to find a solution to (a problem, etc), esp to make clear or tidy   ⇒ it took a long time to sort out the mess
  2. to take or separate, as from a larger group   ⇒ he sorted out the most likely ones
  3. to organize into an orderly and disciplined group
  4. (informal) to beat or punish


  1. (informal) the process of separating things that are wanted from things that are not   ⇒ the kitchen needed a major sort-out, I've been having a sort-out today and I have filled a bag full of rubbish.

Translations for 'sort out'

  • British English: sort outPronunciation for sort out If you sort out a group of things, you organize or tidy them.We try to sort out the truth from the lies.sɔːt aʊt VERB
  • Arabic: يُفَرِّزُPronunciation for يُفَرِّزُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: separarPronunciation for separar
  • Chinese: 理清Pronunciation for 理清
  • Croatian: odijelitiPronunciation for odijeliti
  • Czech: vytříditPronunciation for vytřídit
  • Danish: ordnePronunciation for ordne
  • Dutch: ontwarrenPronunciation for ontwarren
  • European Spanish: ordenarPronunciation for ordenarorganizar
  • Finnish: erotellaPronunciation for erotella
  • French: rangerPronunciation for ranger
  • German: klärenPronunciation for klären
  • Greek: διαχωρίζωPronunciation for διαχωρίζω
  • Italian: classificarePronunciation for classificare
  • Japanese: 解決するPronunciation for 解決する
  • Korean: 해결하다Pronunciation for 해결하다
  • Norwegian: sorterePronunciation for sortere
  • Polish: posortowaćPronunciation for posortować sortować
  • Portuguese: separarPronunciation for separar
  • Romanian: a sorta
  • Russian: разбиратьPronunciation for разбирать
  • Spanish: ordenarPronunciation for ordenarclasificar
  • Swedish: klara uppPronunciation for klara upp
  • Thai: จัดเรียงPronunciation for จัดเรียง
  • Turkish: halletmekPronunciation for halletmek
  • Ukrainian: відбирати відібрати
  • Vietnamese: giải quyếtPronunciation for giải quyết

Example Sentences Including 'sort out'

He could probably sort out most of the Lesser Dead with Charter Magic alone.
He found the unfortunate Frampton in the lobby trying to sort out disputed items on his bill.
Forbes, Bryan A Song at Twilight
However, despite these generally favourable trends, he may have a rather awkward domestic problem to sort out.
Somerville, Neil Your Chinese Horoscope 1995
I've been asked a couple of times to sort out problems he's had.
Wood, Ted Snowjob
Mr Chruszcz said a witness had told police how he was asked by Huxley, in the presence of Eaton, to " sort out "Mr Gilbert for £50,000.
Liverpool Daily Post and Echo (2003)
They throw them all in jail and then sort out who's the criminal.
Toronto Sun (2003)
This letter is a response in order to sort out fact from opinion.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
To evoke any interest, the project must get all its statutory clearances and sort out the escrow account issue.
Business Today (2000)
We have arranged a bedroom area and are now trying to sort out a seating area where he can bring his friends.
Glasgow Herald (2001)


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