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spec (spɛk Pronunciation for spec (informal)



  1. See on spec


  1. (prenominal) (Australian & New Zealand) speculative   ⇒ a spec developer

Word Origin

C19: short for speculation or speculative



abbreviation for

  1. specification
  2. speculation

Example Sentences Including 'spec'

And don't forget, when he first went to the British Open, he travelled to Carnoustie on spec , hoping to qualify, which he did.
Toronto Sun (2003)
I've been up on business - not antiques business, Bank business - so I just thought I'd take a gander on spec.
Malcolm, John Gothic Pursuit
Kate was aware of the irony, given the job spec for a soldier.
Parkes, Roger Riot
Missing is an automatic driver seat adjustment that is available in the higher spec petrol models.
Australian News Misc (2004)
Now you have to sit down and go through the spec line by line with the builder, prioritising and economising.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Since Maini wanted his small car to be internationally relevant, A. T. Kearney was roped in to spec out the product.
Business Today (2002)
Some submitted articles on spec , which he read because he read everything, and he would ask them in to see him.
Penny Junor HOME TRUTHS: Life Around My Father (2002)
To Whistler's spec , of course; he built the railroad and he knew a lot about locos.
Malcolm, John Whistler in the Dark


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