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sports car



  1. a production car designed for speed, high acceleration, and manoeuvrability, having a low body and usually adequate seating for only two persons

Translations for 'sports car'

  • British English: sports car A sports car is a low, fast car, usually with room for only two people. NOUN
  • Brazilian Portuguese: carro esporte
  • Chinese: 跑车跑车車
  • European Spanish: coche deportivo
  • French: voiture de sport
  • German: Sportwagen
  • Italian: auto sportiva
  • Japanese: スポーツカー
  • Korean: 스포츠카
  • Portuguese: carro desportivo
  • Spanish: coche deportivo

Example Sentences Including 'sports car'

The man behind the wheel of the approaching Jaguar sports car simply didn't see her.
Pacter, Trudi Yellow Bird
In a hurry, not noticing the lights had changed against her, just as some berk in a sports car jumped the light.
Babson, Marian Death in Fashion
But he had told her that Larner was out in his sports car - and was going to regret it.
Hilton, John Buxton Passion in the Peak


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