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squaddie or squaddy (ˈskwɒdɪ Pronunciation for )



(plural) -dies
  1. (British, slang) a private soldier Compare swaddy

Word Origin

C20: from squad

Example Sentences Including 'squaddie'

In front of Ferris a squaddie sprinted, bent low, across the road, causing a black taxi to swerve to miss him.
Seymour, Gerald Field of Blood
In reality he knew he'd be called up for squaddie duty so he didn't exactly rush off and volunteer.
Wensley Clarkson HIT `EM HARD: Jack Spot, King of the Underworld (2002)
The squaddie braked just as I was firing, when I was still on the engine.
Seymour, Gerald Field of Blood
The whole thing was a shambles... I mean, we got one squaddie , but one squaddie isn't worth an R. P. G. round.
Seymour, Gerald Field of Blood
Their frontman has been replaced by some fat squaddie - oh no hang on that's Aaron Lewis.
NME (New Musical Express) (2003)


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