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stamp (stæmp Pronunciation for stamp



  1. when intr, often foll by on to bring (the foot) down heavily (on the ground, etc)
  2. (intransitive) to walk with heavy or noisy footsteps
  3. (intransitive) foll by on to repress, extinguish, or eradicate   ⇒ he stamped on any criticism
  4. (transitive) to impress or mark (a particular device or sign) on (something)
  5. to mark (something) with an official impress, seal, or device   ⇒ to stamp a passport
  6. (transitive) to fix or impress permanently   ⇒ the date was stamped on her memory
  7. (transitive) to affix a postage stamp to
  8. (transitive) to distinguish or reveal   ⇒ that behaviour stamps him as a cheat
  9. to pound or crush (ores, etc)


  1. the act or an instance of stamping
    1. See postage stamp
    2. a mark applied to postage stamps for cancellation purposes
  2. a similar piece of gummed paper used for commercial or trading purposes
  3. a block, die, etc, used for imprinting a design or device
  4. a design, device, or mark that has been stamped
  5. a characteristic feature or trait; hallmark   ⇒ the story had the stamp of authenticity
  6. a piece of gummed paper or other mark applied to official documents to indicate payment of a fee, validity, ownership, etc
  7. (British, informal) a national insurance contribution, formerly recorded by means of a stamp on an official card
  8. type or class   ⇒ we want to employ men of his stamp
  9. an instrument or machine for crushing or pounding ores, etc, or the pestle in such a device

Derived Forms

ˈstamper noun

Word Origin

Old English stampe; related to Old High German stampfōn to stamp, Old Norse stappa


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= stomp, stump, clump, tramp, clomp
= mark, indication, hallmark, badge, emblem, sure sign, telltale sign
= stomp, stump, clump, tramp, clomp
= identify, mark, brand, label, reveal, exhibit, betray, pronounce, show to be, categorize, typecast

Translations for 'stamp'

  • British English: stampPronunciation for stamp A stamp or a postage stamp is a small piece of paper which you stick on an envelope or parcel, to show that you have paid the cost of posting it....a book of stamps.stæmp NOUN
  • Arabic: طابِعٌ بَرِيدِيّPronunciation for طابِعٌ بَرِيدِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: seloPronunciation for selo
  • Chinese: 邮票Pronunciation for 邮票
  • Croatian: markaPronunciation for marka
  • Czech: známkaPronunciation for známkadopisní
  • Danish: frimærkePronunciation for frimærke
  • Dutch: postzegelPronunciation for postzegel
  • European Spanish: selloPronunciation for sellocorreos
  • Finnish: postimerkkiPronunciation for postimerkki
  • French: timbrePronunciation for timbre
  • German: BriefmarkePronunciation for Briefmarke
  • Greek: γραμματόσημοPronunciation for γραμματόσημο
  • Italian: francobolloPronunciation for francobollo
  • Japanese: 切手Pronunciation for 切手
  • Korean: 우표Pronunciation for 우표
  • Norwegian: frimerkePronunciation for frimerke
  • Polish: znaczekPronunciation for znaczek
  • Portuguese: seloPronunciation for selo
  • Romanian: timbru timbre
  • Russian: топаньеPronunciation for топанье
  • Spanish: selloPronunciation for selloestampilla
  • Swedish: frimärkePronunciation for frimärke
  • Thai: ดวงตราไปรษณียากรPronunciation for ดวงตราไปรษณียากร
  • Turkish: pulPronunciation for pul
  • Ukrainian: марка
  • Vietnamese: temPronunciation for tem
  • British English: stampPronunciation for stamp If you stamp a mark or word on an object, you press the mark or word onto the object, using a stamp.He examined her passport and stamped it.stæmp VERB
  • Arabic: يَدْمِغُPronunciation for يَدْمِغُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: selarPronunciation for selar
  • Chinese: 加戳Pronunciation for 加戳
  • Croatian: pečatiratiPronunciation for pečatirati
  • Czech: razítkovatPronunciation for razítkovat orazítkovat
  • Danish: stemplePronunciation for stemple
  • Dutch: stempelenPronunciation for stempelen
  • European Spanish: franquearPronunciation for franquear
  • Finnish: tallataPronunciation for tallata
  • French: timbrerPronunciation for timbrer
  • German: stempelnPronunciation for stempeln
  • Greek: σταμπάρωPronunciation for σταμπάρω
  • Italian: affrancarePronunciation for affrancare
  • Japanese: 踏みつけるPronunciation for 踏みつける
  • Korean: 찍다Pronunciation for 찍다
  • Norwegian: stemplePronunciation for stemple
  • Polish: ostemplowaćPronunciation for ostemplować stemplować
  • Portuguese: selarPronunciation for selar
  • Romanian: a ștampila
  • Russian: штамповатьPronunciation for штамповать
  • Spanish: franquearPronunciation for franquear
  • Swedish: stämplaPronunciation for stämpla
  • Thai: ประทับตราPronunciation for ประทับตรา
  • Turkish: mühürlemekPronunciation for mühürlemek
  • Ukrainian: наклеювати марку приклеїти
  • Vietnamese: đóng dấuPronunciation for đóng dấu

Example Sentences Including 'stamp'

He'd need my stamp for comparison - which, of course, he'd be unlikely to get.
Tapply, William G The Dutch Blue Error
No careless bureaucratic hands had put their ugly stamp on it.
Hinxman, Margaret The Sound of Murder
My name is Coyne, I'm an attorney, and I need some information about a rare stamp.
Tapply, William G The Dutch Blue Error


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