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stiletto  (stɪˈlɛtəʊ



(plural) -tos
  1. a small dagger with a slender tapered blade
  2. a sharply pointed tool used to make holes in leather, cloth, etc
  3. Also called: spike heel, stiletto heel a very high heel on a woman's shoe, tapering to a very narrow tip


-toes -toing -toed
  1. (transitive) to stab with a stiletto

Word Origin

C17: from Italian, from stilo a dagger, from Latin stilus a stake, pen; see stylus

Translations for 'stiletto'

  • British English: stiletto Stilettos are women's shoes that have high, very narrow heels. NOUNOff came her sneakers and on went a pair of stilettos.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: salto alto e fino
  • Chinese: 细高跟女鞋细細高跟女鞋
  • European Spanish: tacón de aguja
  • French: talon aiguille
  • German: Stiletto
  • Italian: scarpa col tacco a spillo
  • Japanese: スティレットヒール
  • Korean: 뾰족구두
  • Portuguese: salto de agulha
  • Spanish: tacón de aguja

Example Sentences Including 'stiletto'

Conversely, when I step out of the shadows, my stiletto blade poised to be driven into his heart, he will look at me blankly.
Alex George LOVE YOU MADLY (2002)
Hand cuts definitely made with a stiletto sharpened on both sides of the blade.
Duncan, Robert L The Serpent's Mark
He pressed the button, allowed the thin stiletto blade to leap out.
Duncan, Robert L The Serpent's Mark


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