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stir-fry  (ˈstɜːˌfraɪ



-fries -frying -fried
  1. to cook (small pieces of meat, vegetables, etc) rapidly by stirring them in a wok or frying pan over a high heat: used esp for Chinese food


(plural) -fries
  1. a dish cooked in this way

Translations for 'stir-fry'

  • British English: stir-fry If you stir-fry vegetables, meat, or fish, you cook small pieces of them quickly by stirring them in a small quantity of very hot oil. VERBStir-fry the vegetables until crisp.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: fritar rapidamente no óleo quente
  • Chinese: 翻炒
  • European Spanish: sofreír
  • French: faire sauter
  • German: pfannenrühren
  • Italian: saltare in padella
  • Japanese: 炒める
  • Korean: 채소 및 고기등을 센불에 재빨리 볶아 먹는 음식
  • Portuguese: fritar rapidamente no óleo quente
  • Spanish: sofreír

Example Sentences Including 'stir-fry'

They ate their dinner of stir-fry chicken in the conservatory and afterwards, Stella got Amelia ready for bed.
Cathy Kelly JUST BETWEEN US (2002)
`Right, stir-fry the garlic for about forty seconds, then add the lemon grass and ginger.
Isabel Wolff RESCUING ROSE (2002)


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