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stratospheric (ˌstrætəˈsferɪk) 



  1. of or relating to the stratosphere   ⇒ stratospheric ozone
  2. (of levels, prices, fees, etc) very high or sky-high; used especially in journalism for emphasis   ⇒ stratospheric share prices

stratosphere (ˈstrætəˌsfɪə Pronunciation for stratosphere



  1. the atmospheric layer lying between the troposphere and the mesosphere, in which temperature generally increases with height

Derived Forms

stratospheric (ˌstrætəˈsfɛrɪk Pronunciation for stratospheric , ˌstratoˈspherical adjective

Example Sentences Including 'stratospheric'

But it remains true that Woods has not, of late, lived up to his stratospheric expectations.
The Australian (2004)
Economy fares are fantastically low; business class fares are stratospheric.
Globe and Mail (2003)
His voice rose to a stratospheric squeak, like Florence Foster-Jenkins attempting the Queen of the Night.
Barnard, Robert Death in Purple Prose
It was difficult to think of any group whose career had combined stratospheric success with such stubbornly limited horizons.
John Harris THE LAST PARTY: Britpop, Blair and the demise of English rock (2003)
It was here, finally, that Air's stratospheric talents really went into orbit.
Independent (1998)
It's obvious that the stratospheric demand for a foreign degree has taken charge.
Business Today (2000)
Perhaps its interaction with some stratospheric phenomenon - `'Stuff and nonsense, man," Traveller burst out, evidently irritated.
Baxter, Stephen Anti-Ice
Vanilla Sky has performed well in America, but not to Cruise's usual stratospheric numbers.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)


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