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streetlamp or street-lamp (ˈstriːtˌlæmp)



  1. = streetlight

streetlight (ˈstriːtˌlaɪt Pronunciation for streetlight or streetlamp



  1. a light, esp one carried on a lamppost, that illuminates a road, etc

Translations for 'streetlamp'

  • British English: streetlampPronunciation for streetlamp A streetlamp is a tall post with a light at the top, which stands by the side of the road to light it up, usually in a town.He paused under a streetlamp and looked across at the cafe.ˈstriːtˌlæmp NOUN
  • Arabic: مِصْباحُ الشَّارِعPronunciation for مِصْباحُ الشَّارِع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: iluminaçãoPronunciation for iluminaçãorua
  • Chinese: 街灯Pronunciation for 街灯
  • Croatian: ulična svjetiljkaPronunciation for ulična svjetiljka
  • Czech: pouliční lampaPronunciation for pouliční lampa
  • Danish: gadelygtePronunciation for gadelygte
  • Dutch: straatlampPronunciation for straatlamp
  • European Spanish: farolaPronunciation for farola
  • Finnish: katulamppuPronunciation for katulamppu
  • French: lampadairePronunciation for lampadaire
  • German: StraßenlaternePronunciation for Straßenlaterne
  • Greek: λάμπα δρόμουPronunciation for λάμπα δρόμου
  • Italian: lampionePronunciation for lampione
  • Japanese: 街灯Pronunciation for 街灯
  • Korean: 가로등Pronunciation for 가로등
  • Norwegian: gatelysPronunciation for gatelys
  • Polish: latarnia ulicznaPronunciation for latarnia uliczna
  • Portuguese: iluminaçãoPronunciation for iluminaçãorua
  • Romanian: lampă stradală lămpi stradale
  • Russian: уличный фонарьPronunciation for уличный фонарь
  • Spanish: farolaPronunciation for farola
  • Swedish: gatlyktaPronunciation for gatlykta
  • Thai: ไฟถนนPronunciation for ไฟถนน
  • Turkish: sokak lambasıPronunciation for sokak lambası
  • Ukrainian: вуличний ліхтар
  • Vietnamese: đèn đườngPronunciation for đèn đường

Example Sentences Including 'streetlamp'

A solitary streetlamp , not insignificantly glowing gold, is posted outside the lair where the dragon Fafner hoards his treasure.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
The light from a streetlamp splashed across the front-tail man's raincoat like a purple birthmark.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven
The long bathroom window had a venetian blind which threw slatted shadows from the streetlamp onto the vinyl floor.
John Walsh ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?: A Life Through the Movies (2004)
The nearby streetlamp came on: sputtering pink that steadied to a deepening rosy glow.
Pritchard, John Night Sisters
Through the window I could see a haze softening the streetlamp.
Brierley, David Skorpion's Death


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