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Definitions of studding

studding  (ˈstʌdɪŋ



  1. building studs collectively, esp as used to form a wall or partition See also stud1 (sense 3
  2. material that is used to form studs or serve as studs

stud1  (stʌd



  1. a large-headed nail or other projection protruding from a surface, usually as decoration
  2. a type of fastener consisting of two discs at either end of a short shank, used to fasten shirtfronts, collars, etc
  3. (building) a vertical member made of timber, steel, etc, that is used with others to construct the framework of a wall
  4. a headless bolt that is threaded at both ends, the centre portion being unthreaded
  5. any short projection on a machine, such as the metal cylinder that forms a journal for the gears on a screw-cutting lathe
  6. the crossbar in the centre of a link of a heavy chain
  7. one of a number of rounded projections on the sole of a boot or shoe to give better grip, as on a football boot


Word forms:   studs,  studding,  studded
  1. to provide, ornament, or make with studs
  2. to dot or cover (with)   ⇒ the park was studded with daisies
  3. (building) to provide or support (a wall, partition, etc) with studs

Word Origin

Old English studu; related to Old Norse stoth post, Middle High German stud post


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= rivet, tack, press-stud, tintack
= ornament, spot, dot, sprinkle, fleck, spangle, speckle, bejewel, bespangle


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