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subcutaneous  (ˌsʌbkjuːˈteɪnɪəs



  1. (medicine) situated, used, or introduced beneath the skin   ⇒ a subcutaneous injection

Derived Forms

ˌsubcuˈtaneously  adverb

Word Origin

C17: from Late Latin subcutāneus, from sub- + Latin cutis skin + -eous

Example Sentences Including 'subcutaneous'

She saw then that he was on edge, that there was a subcutaneous anxiety at work which she had given too little attention to.
Delman, David Death of a Nymph
I was holding the needle above her thigh, when 351 suddenly I remembered where I'd come across ` subcutaneous '.
Anita Anderson SUMMER OF SECRETS (2003)
`Tarra, it says here the injection needs to be subcutaneous.
Anita Anderson SUMMER OF SECRETS (2003)


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