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superimpose (ˌsuːpərɪmˈpəʊz Pronunciation for superimpose


verb (transitive)

  1. to set or place on or over something else
  2. usually foll by on or upon to add (to)

Derived Forms

ˌsuperˌimpoˈsition noun

Translations for 'superimpose'

  • British English: superimpose If one image is superimposed on another, it is put on top of it so that you can see the second image through it. VERBThe image of a seemingly tiny dancer was superimposed on the image of the table.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sobrepor
  • Chinese: 叠加叠疊加
  • European Spanish: superponer
  • French: superposer
  • German: überlagern
  • Italian: sovrapporre
  • Japanese: 重ね合わす
  • Korean: 겹쳐지다
  • Portuguese: sobrepor
  • Spanish: superponer

Example Sentences Including 'superimpose'

"They are juveniles and try to superimpose their romantic images on their partners.
India Today (1998)
Drinking in this face before me, trying to superimpose the face I remembered against the alien face before me.
Shell, Ray Iced
If we could control or influence the minds of key men, then little by little we can superimpose our views on the world.
Asimov, Isaac The Complete Stories Volume 2
Taggart squinted at the photograph, trying to superimpose this description on to the girl in the photograph.
Brandon, Ruth Left, Right and Centre
Too many communities are destroyed by incomers with money who want to superimpose their dominant culture on indigenous communities.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
We ourselves ` superimpose " all the appearances we experience of this world upon the one reality.
Griffiths, Bede A New Vision of Reality


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