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surety  (ˈʃʊətɪ ; ˈʃʊərɪtɪ



(plural) -ties
  1. a person who assumes legal responsibility for the fulfilment of another's debt or obligation and himself becomes liable if the other defaults
  2. security given against loss or damage or as a guarantee that an obligation will be met
  3. (obsolete) the quality or condition of being sure
  4. (obsolete) a means of assurance or safety
  5. See stand surety

Derived Forms

ˈsuretyˌship  noun

Word Origin

C14: from Old French seurte, from Latin sēcūritās security

Translations for 'surety'

  • British English: surety A surety is money or something valuable which you give to someone to show that you will do what you have promised. NOUNThe insurance company will take warehouse stocks or treasury bonds as surety.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: garantia
  • Chinese: 保证金保证證金
  • European Spanish: fianza
  • French: caution
  • German: Sicherheit
  • Italian: garanzia
  • Japanese: 担保
  • Korean: 담보
  • Portuguese: garantia
  • Spanish: fianza

Example Sentences Including 'surety'

Mary Kafko recommended her and went surety for her good behaviour.
West, Charles Stage Fright
He looked kind and craggy and outdoorsy and she realised with a horrible surety that she fancied him.
Sue Welfare FALLEN WOMEN (2002)
The surety that life would end was comforting, the certainty that every minute I was deciding to live, a relief.
Vanessa Jones THE KINDEST USE A KNIFE (2002)


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