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surname (ˈsɜːˌneɪm Pronunciation for surname



  1. Also called: last name, second name. a family name as opposed to a first or Christian name
  2. (formerly) a descriptive epithet attached to a person's name to denote a personal characteristic, profession, etc; nickname


  1. (transitive) to furnish with or call by a surname

Derived Forms

ˈsurˌnamer noun

Word Origin

C14: via Anglo-French from Old French surnom. See sur-1, name


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= family name, last name, patronymic, matronymic

Translations for 'surname'

  • British English: surnamePronunciation for surname Your surname is the name that you share with other members of your family.She didn't know his surname, only his first name.ˈsɜːˌneɪm NOUN
  • Arabic: لَقَبPronunciation for لَقَب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sobrenomePronunciation for sobrenome
  • Chinese: 姓氏Pronunciation for 姓氏
  • Croatian: prezimePronunciation for prezime
  • Czech: příjmeníPronunciation for příjmení
  • Danish: efternavnPronunciation for efternavn
  • Dutch: achternaamPronunciation for achternaam
  • European Spanish: apellidoPronunciation for apellido
  • Finnish: sukunimiPronunciation for sukunimi
  • French: nom de famillePronunciation for nom de famille
  • German: NachnamePronunciation for Nachname
  • Greek: επίθετοPronunciation for επίθετο
  • Italian: cognomePronunciation for cognome
  • Japanese: Pronunciation for 姓
  • Korean: Pronunciation for 성
  • Norwegian: etternavnPronunciation for etternavn
  • Polish: nazwiskoPronunciation for nazwisko
  • Portuguese: apelidoPronunciation for apelido
  • Romanian: nume de familie nume de familie
  • Russian: фамилияPronunciation for фамилия
  • Spanish: apellidoPronunciation for apellido
  • Swedish: efternamnPronunciation for efternamn
  • Thai: นามสกุลPronunciation for นามสกุล
  • Turkish: soyadıPronunciation for soyadı
  • Ukrainian: прізвище
  • Vietnamese: họPronunciation for họtên
  • British English: surname Your surname is the name that you share with other members of your family. NOUNShe'd never known his surname.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sobrenome
  • Chinese:
  • European Spanish: apellido
  • French: nom de famille
  • German: Nachname
  • Italian: cognome
  • Japanese:
  • Korean:
  • Portuguese: apelido
  • Spanish: apellido

Example Sentences Including 'surname'

A large number of divorced women retain their former husband's surname for that reason.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
By reversing the order of his first name and surname , Chakravarty expects his name to come before theirs on the ballot sheets.
India Today (2001)
His name, she remembered was Steve; she'd not been told his surname.
Harcourt, Palma A Matter of Conscience
In the circumstances the serendipity of that surname is just too perfect.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
Later he chose as his surname the name of an ancient Iranian language, Pahlavi.
Hiro, Dilip Between Marx and Muhammed
Rose herself had never mentioned the man's surname ; she had merely called him Roy.
Penn, John Unto The Grave
She is now up there with Marilyn and Diana as a woman too famous to need a surname.
Independent (1999)
There were several index entries for people with that surname.
Taylor, Andy Toy Shop
We have a loving connection that I believe no shared surname could deepen.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)


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