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Definitions of swop

swop  (swɒp


noun, verb

Word forms:   swops,  swopping,  swopped
  1. a variant spelling of swap

swap or swop (swɒp )



Word forms:   swaps,  swapping,  swapped,  swops,  swopping,  swopped
  1. to trade or exchange (something or someone) for another


  1. an exchange
  2. something that is exchanged
  3. Also called: swap option, swaption (finance) a contract in which the parties to it exchange liabilities on outstanding debts, often exchanging fixed-interest-rate for floating-rate debts (debt swap), either as a means of managing debt or in trading (swap trading)

Derived Forms

ˈswapper, ˈswopper  noun

Word Origin

C14 (in the sense: to shake hands on a bargain, strike): probably of imitative origin


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= trade, exchange, reciprocate, bandy, pass back and forth


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