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Syrah (ˈsaɪrə Pronunciation for Syrah



  1. a red grape grown in France and Australia, used, often in a blend, for making wine
  2. any of various wines made from this grape
Australian name: Shiraz

Word Origin

from Shiraz1, the city in Iran where the wine supposedly originated

Example Sentences Including 'Syrah'

A Carafe Syrah , is a traditional glass decanter which holds up to 1.8L and costs £85.00.
Country Life (2004)
And their relatively new Syrah , one of my favourite grapes, certainly stands out.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
Merlot and Syrah is an enticing combination and the balance creates a delicious, mellow mouthful.
Lockspeiser, Jerry & Gear, Jackie Thorsons Organic Wine Guide
Of note is the 2000 viognier, one of the best in the valley, along with the 1999 Syrah.
Globe and Mail (2003)
Syrah 's (aka as shiraz) aromas are blackberry, herby and peppery.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
Villa Atuel Syrah , £5.49: rounded, blackberryish Argentine red.
Times, Sunday Times (2001)


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