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tag line



  1. an amusing or memorable phrase designed to catch attention in an advertisement
  2. another name for punch line

Example Sentences Including 'tag line'

'I am writing,' said Andrew,'the tag line for next year's big film, actually.
As the tag line puts it: `This is a true story - it just hasn't happened yet.
Times, Sunday Times (2005)
Marc Perkel San Francisco (Wow - the mother of all conspiracy theories) "WEAPONS OF mass destruction" - what a tag line.
Toronto Sun (2003)
Of course the tag line has to be delivered with the right degree of restrained wriggling.
Williams Kenneth & Davies, Russell (ed.) The Kenneth Williams Diaries
So, sorry to sound like the tag line of a thriller, but wait and watch.
India Today (2002)
The ads depict an iPod as a padlock with its lock in the open position and the tag line : `Half the price of Apple.
Times, Sunday Times (2004)
The postcards, sent by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have a tag line that reads: "Turn over a new leaf - Try vegetarian.
Ottawa Sun (2003)
The tag line was: `Take the worry out of monthly bills with Home Finance.
Stuart Harrison BETTER THAN THIS (2002)


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