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Definitions of tana

tana (ˈtɑːnə



  1. a small Madagascan lemur, Phaner furcifer
  2. a large tree shrew, Tupaia tana, of Sumatra and Borneo

Word Origin

C19: from Malay tūpai tana ground squirrel

Tana (ˈtɑːnə



  1. See Lake Tana

  2. a river in E Kenya, rising in the Aberdare Range and flowing in a wide curve east to the Indian Ocean: the longest river in Kenya. Length: 708 km (440 miles)
  3. a river in NE Norway, flowing generally northeast as part of the border between Norway and Finland to the Arctic Ocean by Tana Fjord. Length: about 320 km (200 miles). Finnish name: : Teno


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