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tapestry (ˈtæpɪstrɪ Pronunciation for tapestry



(plural) -tries
  1. a heavy ornamental fabric, often in the form of a picture, used for wall hangings, furnishings, etc, and made by weaving coloured threads into a fixed warp
  2. another word for needlepoint
  3. a colourful and complicated situation   ⇒ the rich tapestry of London life

Derived Forms

ˈtapestried adjective
ˈtapestry-ˌlike adjective

Word Origin

C15: from Old French tapisserie carpeting, from Old French tapiz carpet; see tapis

Translations for 'tapestry'

  • British English: tapestry A tapestry is a large piece of heavy cloth with a picture sewn on it using coloured threads. NOUNHe stared in wonder at the tapestries on the walls.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tapete de parede
  • Chinese: 织锦织織锦錦
  • European Spanish: tapiz
  • French: tapisserie
  • German: Wandteppich
  • Italian: arazzo
  • Japanese: タペストリー
  • Korean: 태피스트리
  • Portuguese: tapete de parede
  • Spanish: tapiz

Example Sentences Including 'tapestry'

Also the hangings of a bed, the tapestry of a wall, a screen of drapery.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
Bags of appeal Travel in style with these pretty olive tapestry toiletry bags.
Australian News Misc (2004)
I expected you to come down here and maybe buy a table, or a tapestry.
Clive Barker COLDHEART CANYON (2001)
The analogy that comes to mind is that of weavers who can, with same yarn, produce totally different tapestry.
Business Today (2003)
The thumping cadence of the engines and the gentle swaying of the boat took them past a tapestry of rural scenes, all brushed with sunlight.
Dobbs, Michael Wall Games
The voices floated lightly and safely through the demanding terrain, a tapestry of musical threads intertwining in even-tempered structures.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)
They made their contributions, which are now woven as obscure threads into the tapestry of science.
Richard Fortey THE EARTH: An Intimate History (2004)
`They're making a knitted patchwork tapestry to auction for charity.
Fay Weldon NOTHING TO WEAR AND NOWHERE TO HIDE: A Collection of Short Stories


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