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telemarketer (ˈtelɪmɑːkɪtə) 



  1. a person or company that deals with telesales   ⇒ If a telemarketer calls you, ask the caller to remove your name from their list.

telemarketing (ˈtɛlɪˌmɑːkɪtɪŋ Pronunciation for telemarketing



  1. another name for telesales

Derived Forms

ˈteleˌmarketer noun

Word Origin

C20: short for tele(phone) marketing

Example Sentences Including 'telemarketer'

If the telemarketer pulls off the ploy, the person follows up with bogus "refill" orders.
Toronto Sun (2003)
It was another incredible show of guts by the Leafs, who are harder to get rid of than a telemarketer.
Ottawa Sun (2003)


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