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telemarketing  (ˈtɛlɪˌmɑːkɪtɪŋ



  1. another name for telesales

Derived Forms

ˈteleˌmarketer  noun

Word Origin

C20: short for tele(phone) marketing

Translations for 'telemarketing'

  • British English: telemarketing Telemarketing is a method of selling in which someone employed by a company telephones people to try and persuade them to buy the company's products or services. NOUNMany businesses have been turning to telemarketing as a way of contacting new customers.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: telemarketing
  • Chinese: 电话营销电電话話营營销銷
  • European Spanish: telemarketing
  • French: téléventes
  • German: Telemarketing
  • Italian: telemarketing
  • Japanese: テレマーケティング
  • Korean: 전화 판촉
  • Portuguese: telemarketing
  • Spanish: telemarketing


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