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Ten Commandments


plural noun

  1. See the Ten Commandments

Example Sentences Including 'Ten Commandments'

A moment later, the reader finished chanting the Ten Commandments , the congregation resumed their seats, and Daniel turned to Kantor.
Telushkin, Josef The Unorthodox Murder of Rabbi Moss
All those principles like the Ten Commandments are pretty good for you whether you're a Christian or not.
Business Today (1999)
Demonstrators pray after the monument of the Ten Commandments was removed from the Alabama Supreme Court building.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
I said to him, ``How can I do this when it says in the Ten Commandments : Thou Shall Not Kill.
Oliver Poole BLACK KNIGHTS: On the Bloody Road to Baghdad (2003)
In the original Hebrew, the sixth of the Ten Commandments reads, `Lo tirtzakh `- thou shalt not murder.
Telushkin, Josef The Unorthodox Murder of Rabbi Moss
She sat down on the boulder by the Ten Commandments and lit a cigarette.
Salley Vickers MR GOLIGHTLY'S HOLIDAY (2003)
The Ten Commandments , insists the latter, "are the cornerstone of our legal heritage.
Globe and Mail (2003)


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