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tetanus  (ˈtɛtənəs



  1. Also called: lockjaw an acute infectious disease in which sustained muscular spasm, contraction, and convulsion are caused by the release of exotoxins from the bacterium, Clostridium tetani: infection usually occurs through a contaminated wound
  2. (physiology) any tense contraction of a muscle, esp when produced by electric shocks

Derived Forms

ˈtetanal  adjective
ˈtetaˌnoid  adjective

Word Origin

C16: via Latin from Greek tetanos, from tetanos taut, from teinein to stretch

Translations for 'tetanus'

  • British English: tetanus Tetanus is a serious painful disease caused by bacteria getting into wounds. It makes your muscles, especially your jaw muscles, go stiff.ˈtɛtənəs NOUN
  • Arabic: كُزَاز
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tétano
  • Chinese: 破伤风
  • Croatian: tetanus
  • Czech: tetanus
  • Danish: stivkrampe
  • Dutch: tetanus
  • European Spanish: tétano
  • Finnish: jäykkäkouristus
  • French: tétanos
  • German: Tetanus
  • Greek: τέτανος
  • Italian: tetano
  • Japanese: 破傷風
  • Korean: 파상풍
  • Norwegian: stivkrampe
  • Polish: tężec
  • Portuguese: tétano
  • Romanian: tetanos
  • Russian: столбняк
  • Spanish: tétano
  • Swedish: stelkramp
  • Thai: โรคบาดทะยัก
  • Turkish: tetanos
  • Ukrainian: правець
  • Vietnamese: bệnh uốn ván


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