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textile (ˈtɛkstaɪl Pronunciation for textile



  1. any fabric or cloth, esp woven
  2. raw material suitable to be made into cloth; fibre or yarn
  3. a non-nudist, as described by nudists; one who wears clothes


  1. of or relating to fabrics or the making of fabrics

Word Origin

C17: from Latin textilis woven, from texere to weave

Translations for 'textile'

  • British English: textilePronunciation for textile Textiles are types of woven cloth....textiles for the home.ˈtɛkstaɪl NOUN
  • Arabic: نَسِيجPronunciation for نَسِيج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tecidoPronunciation for tecido
  • Chinese: 纺织品Pronunciation for 纺织品
  • Croatian: tekstilPronunciation for tekstil
  • Czech: textiliePronunciation for textilie
  • Danish: tekstilPronunciation for tekstil
  • Dutch: textielPronunciation for textiel
  • European Spanish: textilPronunciation for textil
  • Finnish: tekstiiliPronunciation for tekstiili
  • French: textilePronunciation for textile
  • German: StoffPronunciation for Stoff
  • Greek: ύφασμαPronunciation for ύφασμα
  • Italian: stoffaPronunciation for stoffa
  • Japanese: 織物Pronunciation for 織物
  • Korean: 직물Pronunciation for 직물
  • Norwegian: tekstilPronunciation for tekstil
  • Polish: tkaninaPronunciation for tkanina
  • Portuguese: tecidoPronunciation for tecido
  • Romanian: țesături țesătură
  • Russian: текстильPronunciation for текстиль
  • Spanish: textilPronunciation for textil
  • Swedish: textilPronunciation for textil
  • Thai: สิ่งทอPronunciation for สิ่งทอ
  • Turkish: tekstilPronunciation for tekstil
  • Ukrainian: текстиль
  • Vietnamese: vải dệtPronunciation for vải dệt

Example Sentences Including 'textile'

, facing tough times with closure of six textile mills HUNTINGDON, Que.
canada.com (2004)
Britain's industrial revolution was founded, in its initial stages, upon the textile industry.
George Monbiot THE AGE OF CONSENT (2003)
Earlier this week, several textile mills shut down in Huntingdon, Que.
canada.com (2004)
Françoise Perec was not a French textile designer from Paris.
Northern Ireland is losing some of its shirts: it is also losing other clothing and textile items.
Belfast Telegraph (2003)
She did a course in textile design at St Martin's College of Art in London.
The marriage of entrepreneurship and heritage was possible because of Viswanathan's textile engineering background.
India Today (1999)
The town was split by gorges, where the torrents ran that once powered the textile mills.
Harvey, John Coup d'Etat
We build up ideas by textile then build a garment around that rather than by what is in magazines or in fashion.
Glasgow Herald (2001)


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