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the Black Death


  1. . a form of bubonic plague pandemic in Europe and Asia during the 14th century, when it killed over 50 million people

Example Sentences Including 'the Black Death'

Between 1346 and 1353, the Black Death killed 43 million people.
Misc (1999)
Could a nasal vaccine finally put an end to the Black Death ?
New Scientist (1998)
In 1348, London was struck by the Black Death , which led to the need for emergency burial provision.
Independent (1999)
In five years famine was to replace the harvests, and the Black Death of the 1340s saw an end to warmth as well as happiness.
Michael Boulter EXTINCTION: Evolution and the End of Man (2002)
The second theme, the impact of the Black Death , is less compelling but still good.
Glasgow Herald (2001)
This is commonly known as the Justinian plague, and is believed to be the first appearance of the Black Death in Europe.
New Zealand Herald (2004)
`She may look like the Black Death , but as far as knowing the market and supplying it are concerned, she's the cat's whiskers.
Barnard, Robert Death in Purple Prose


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