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the inevitable


  1. . something that is unavoidable

Example Sentences Including 'the inevitable'

During the inevitable head-on crash, the smaller Crutchfield levelled Gass.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
High in one corner of the bar hung the inevitable television with the inevitable ball-game loudly in progress.
Stewart, Michael Compulsion
Natasha hovering in the background, shook her head disapprovingly before suggesting the inevitable coffee or maybe Russian tea.
Low, Ona To His Just Desserts
On the contrary, she remained placid in face of the inevitable.
Hilton, John Buxton Moondrop to Murder
That news raised the inevitable question about whether her famous husband will guest-star.
Globe and Mail (2003)
The last 99.9 per cent of success is working like the devil to keep your spirits up during the inevitable storms.
Pete Cohen and Sten Cummins with Jennai Cox HABIT BUSTING: A 10-step plan that will change your life (2002)
The losers could only manage a paltry two points in the entire second half, coming from the inevitable Pollock.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
They find nothing can prevent the inevitable - a titanic collision with the Earth.
Belfast Telegraph (2004)
With acceptance of patients ' autonomy comes the inevitable uncertainty whether the patient might have changed her view later.
British Medical Journal (2002)


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