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thirsty (ˈθɜːstɪ Pronunciation for thirsty



Word forms:  thirstier,  thirstiest
  1. feeling a desire to drink
  2. dry; arid   ⇒ the thirsty soil
  3. (followed by for) feeling an eager desire   ⇒ thirsty for information
  4. causing thirst   ⇒ thirsty work

Derived Forms

ˈthirstily adverb
ˈthirstiness noun


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= parched, dry, dehydrated
= eager for, longing for, hungry for, dying for, yearning for, lusting for, craving for, thirsting for, burning for, hankering for, itching for, greedy for, desirous of, avid for, athirst for

Translations for 'thirsty'

  • British English: thirstyPronunciation for thirsty If you are thirsty, you feel a need to drink something.Drink whenever you feel thirsty.ˈθɜːstɪ ADJECTIVE
  • Arabic: ظَمْآنPronunciation for ظَمْآن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: com sedePronunciation for com sede
  • Chinese: 渴的Pronunciation for 渴的
  • Croatian: žedanPronunciation for žedan žedna
  • Czech: žíznivýPronunciation for žíznivý
  • Danish: tørstigPronunciation for tørstig
  • Dutch: dorstigPronunciation for dorstig
  • European Spanish: sedientoPronunciation for sediento sedienta
  • Finnish: janoinenPronunciation for janoinen
  • French: assoifféPronunciation for assoiffé
  • German: durstigPronunciation for durstig
  • Greek: διψασμένοςPronunciation for διψασμένος διψασμένη
  • Italian: assetatoPronunciation for assetato assetata
  • Japanese: のどが渇いたPronunciation for のどが渇いた
  • Korean: 목마른Pronunciation for 목마른
  • Norwegian: tørstPronunciation for tørst
  • Polish: spragnionyPronunciation for spragniony spragniona
  • Portuguese: com sedePronunciation for com sede
  • Romanian: însetat însetat, însetată, însetați, însetate
  • Russian: испытывающий жаждуPronunciation for испытывающий жажду испытывающая жажду
  • Spanish: sedientoPronunciation for sediento sedienta
  • Swedish: törstigPronunciation for törstig törstigt
  • Thai: ที่กระหายน้ำPronunciation for ที่กระหายน้ำ
  • Turkish: susuzPronunciation for susuz
  • Ukrainian: спраглий
  • Vietnamese: khátPronunciation for khát

Example Sentences Including 'thirsty'

Drink water at all the drink stations, even if you are not thirsty.
The Mercury, Sunday Tasmanian (2004)
Great trees passed by like ghosts, thrusting their twisted thirsty roots through the mist down into the water.
J.R.R. Tolkien THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2004)
Hannah would say nothing, and Etienne simply stated, I'm thirsty , or I'm tired, and closed his eyes.
Tracy Chevalier THE VIRGIN BLUE (2002)
His neck was stiff from the awkwardness of his position, and he was very thirsty.
Amanda Hemingway THE GREENSTONE GRAIL: The Sangreal Trilogy One (2004)
Shaded by ancient trees, the grounds of 2.9 acres include a swimming pool, and a fresh-water well-a precious resource in thirsty Provence.
Country Life (2005)
The first words out of his mouth when he woke up were, "I'm thirsty.
Edmonton Sun (2003)
They towed me to Tamanrasset which was a real enough experience and saved me from a thirsty death.


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