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thrust  (θrʌst



Word forms:   thrusts,  thrusting,  thrust
  1. (transitive) to push (someone or something) with force or sudden strength   ⇒ she thrust him away,   ⇒ she thrust it into the fire
  2. (transitive) to force or impose upon (someone) or into (some condition or situation)   ⇒ they thrust extra responsibilities upon her,   ⇒ she was thrust into the limelight
  3. (transitive) foll by through to pierce; stab
  4. (intransitive; usually followed by through or into) to force a passage or entrance
  5. (intransitive) to push forwards, upwards, or outwards
  6. (intransitive) foll by at to make a stab or lunge at (a person or thing)


  1. a forceful drive, push, stab, or lunge
  2. a force, esp one that produces motion
    1. a propulsive force produced by the fluid pressure or the change of momentum of the fluid in a jet engine, rocket engine, etc
    2. a similar force produced by a propeller
  3. a pressure that is exerted continuously by one part of an object, structure, etc, against another, esp the axial force by or on a shaft
  4. (geology)
    1. the compressive force in the earth's crust that produces recumbent folds and thrust or reverse faults
    2. See thrust fault
  5. (civil engineering) a force exerted in a downwards and outwards direction, as by an arch or rafter, or the horizontal force exerted by retained earth
  6. force, impetus, or drive   ⇒ a man with thrust and energy
  7. the essential or most forceful part   ⇒ the thrust of the argument

Word Origin

C12: from Old Norse thrysta; related to Latin trūdere; see intrude


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= shove, push, shoulder, lunge, jostle, elbow or shoulder your way
= momentum, impetus, drive, motive power, motive force, propulsive force

Translations for 'thrust'

  • British English: thrust If you thrust something or someone somewhere, you push or move them there quickly with a lot of force. VERBThey thrust him into the back of a jeep.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: empurrar
  • Chinese: 猛推
  • European Spanish: empujar
  • French: pousser brusquementN
  • German: stoßen
  • Italian: spingere con forza
  • Japanese: 押しつける
  • Korean: 밀치다
  • Portuguese: empurrar
  • Spanish: empujar

Example Sentences Including 'thrust'

Then she got her purse and thrust a ten-pound note into my hand.
Kate Cann READY? (2001)
He was thrust back into his tight-fitting sports seat with a look of serious discomfort on his face.
Val McDermid DEAD BEAT (2002)
I was so disappointed I didn't say a word, just thrust the receiver at Mum.
Kate Cann READY? (2001)


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