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Tijuana (tiːˈwɑːnə Pronunciation for Tijuana ; Spanish tiˈxwana)  or Tia Juana



  1. a city in NW Mexico, in Baja California (Norte). Pop: 1 570 000 (2005 est)

Example Sentences Including 'Tijuana'

A spokesman for Tijuana , across the US border from San Diego, said: "This will give our city a bad image".
Sun, News of the World (2001)
And there was the time I was stuck out of season in the bus station at Tijuana in Mexico.
Irma Kurtz THEN AGAIN: Travels in search of my younger self (2003)
By Amy Spencer The last time you asked someone for sex advice, you were regaled with stories of Dad taking Mom to Tijuana for a donkey show.
Maxim (2005)
The bus was travelling from the Pacific coast to the border city of Tijuana.
Times, Sunday Times (2002)
The drive was easy, at least as far as Tijuana , and left room for such musings.
The split led to a series of bloody confrontations between the two gangs in the Tijuana area, Macedo said.
canada.com (2004)
Tijuana Gold was one of four horses blood tested before the race, but was the only one sent back for a second test.
Misc (1998)


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