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tinker (ˈtɪŋkə Pronunciation for tinker



  1. (esp formerly) a travelling mender of pots and pans
  2. a clumsy worker
  3. the act of tinkering
  4. (Scottish & Irish) another name for Gypsy
  5. (British, informal) a mischievous child
  6. any of several small mackerels that occur off the North American coast of the Atlantic


  1. (intransitive) foll by with to play, fiddle, or meddle (with machinery, etc), esp while undertaking repairs
  2. to mend (pots and pans) as a tinker

Derived Forms

ˈtinkerer noun

Word Origin

C13 tinkere, perhaps from tink tinkle, of imitative origin


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= meddle, play, toy, monkey, potter, fiddle, dabble, mess about, muck about

Translations for 'tinker'

  • British English: tinker If you tinker with something, you make some small changes to it, in an attempt to improve it or repair it. VERB
  • Brazilian Portuguese: remendar
  • Chinese: 小修改
  • European Spanish: retocar
  • French: bricoler
  • German: herumbasteln
  • Italian: armeggiare
  • Japanese: いじる
  • Korean: 어설프게 손보다
  • Portuguese: remendar
  • Spanish: retocar

Example Sentences Including 'tinker'

He had been about to say ` tinker ", a word now thought too insulting to use.
Bringle, Mary Death of an Unknown Man
He's the nearest thing to a gipsy you can get these days. He's a - what's the word, not a gamekeeper, that's too obvious - he's a tinker.
Wright, Eric A Body Surrounded by Water
Wanted me to tinker with his nose when I was done with his teeth.
Tapply, William G The Dutch Blue Error


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