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tolerable  (ˈtɒlərəbəl



  1. able to be tolerated; endurable
  2. permissible
  3. (informal) fairly good

Derived Forms

ˈtolerableness, ˌtoleraˈbility  noun
ˈtolerably  adverb


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= bearable, acceptable, allowable, supportable, endurable, sufferable
= fair, O.K. or okay (informal), middling, average, all right, ordinary, acceptable, reasonable, good enough, adequate, indifferent, not bad (informal), mediocre, so-so (informal), run-of-the-mill, passable, unexceptional, fairly good, fair to middling

Translations for 'tolerable'

  • British English: tolerable If you describe something as tolerable, you mean that you can bear it, even though it is unpleasant or painful. ADJECTIVEOur living conditions are tolerable, but I can't wait to leave.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tolerável
  • Chinese: 可忍受的
  • European Spanish: soportable
  • French: tolérable
  • German: erträglich
  • Italian: tollerabile
  • Japanese: 耐えられる
  • Korean: 견딜 만한
  • Portuguese: tolerável
  • Spanish: tolerable

Example Sentences Including 'tolerable'

`You mean there'll be a tolerable level of incompetence?
Davis, John Gordon Seize the Reckless Wind
But I had no hesitation in resuming the habits of adolescence in order to maintain a tolerable degree of tranquillity.
Howatch, Susan Ultimate Prizes
The remembered noises of his struggle for breath, his gasps of pain, were tolerable.
Thomas, Craig The Last Raven


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