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tour operator



  1. a person or company that provides package holidays

Translations for 'tour operator'

  • British English: tour operatorPronunciation for tour operator A tour operator is a company that provides holidays in which your travel and accommodation are booked for you.ˈtuərɔpəreɪtə NOUN
  • Arabic: مُنَظِّمُ الرِّحْلاتPronunciation for مُنَظِّمُ الرِّحْلات
  • Brazilian Portuguese: operadora de turismoPronunciation for operadora de turismo
  • Chinese: 旅行社Pronunciation for 旅行社
  • Croatian: organizator putovanjaPronunciation for organizator putovanja
  • Czech: cestovní kancelářPronunciation for cestovní kancelář
  • Danish: rejsearrangørPronunciation for rejsearrangør
  • Dutch: reisorganisatiePronunciation for reisorganisatie
  • European Spanish: operador turísticoPronunciation for operador turístico
  • Finnish: matkanjärjestäjäPronunciation for matkanjärjestäjä
  • French: voyagistePronunciation for voyagiste
  • German: ReiseveranstalterPronunciation for Reiseveranstalter
  • Greek: τουρ οπερέιτορPronunciation for τουρ οπερέιτορ
  • Italian: tour operatorPronunciation for tour operator
  • Japanese: 旅行業者Pronunciation for 旅行業者
  • Korean: 여행사Pronunciation for 여행사
  • Norwegian: turoperatørPronunciation for turoperatør
  • Polish: organizator imprez turystycznychPronunciation for organizator imprez turystycznych
  • Portuguese: operador turísticoPronunciation for operador turístico
  • Romanian: agenție de turism agenții de turism
  • Russian: туроператорPronunciation for туроператор
  • Spanish: operador turísticoPronunciation for operador turístico
  • Swedish: researrangörPronunciation for researrangör
  • Thai: บริษัทดำเนินธุรกิจการท่องเที่ยวPronunciation for บริษัทดำเนินธุรกิจการท่องเที่ยว
  • Turkish: tur operatörüPronunciation for tur operatörü
  • Ukrainian: туроператор
  • Vietnamese: công ty du lịchPronunciation for công ty du lịch

Example Sentences Including 'tour operator'

There were faded photographic prints on the wall, promotional shots for a Chinese tour operator.
Mark Burnell CHAMELEON (2002)
If only he'd been able to get his own leave brought forward on the rota, and the tour operator 's list hadn't been fully booked.
Curzon, Clare The Quest for K


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