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tradescantia (ˌtrædɛsˈkænʃɪə Pronunciation for tradescantia



  1. any plant of the American genus Tradescantia, widely cultivated for their striped variegated leaves: family Commelinaceae See also wandering Jew, spiderwort

Word Origin

C18: New Latin, named after John Tradescant (1570–1638), English botanist and gardener

Example Sentences Including 'tradescantia'

Glazed pots arc not very satisfactory for growing plants, though cacti and tradescantia can be persuaded to flourish in them.
Page, Russell The Education of a Gardener
If you are forever pulling out dreaded weeds such as nutgrass and tradescantia , your problem weeds could become your fertilising solution.
Courier, Sunday Mail (2004)


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