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traitor (ˈtreɪtə Pronunciation for traitor



  1. a person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust, etc

Derived Forms

ˈtraitorous adjective
ˈtraitorously adverb
ˈtraitorˌship noun
ˈtraitress feminine noun

Word Origin

C13: from Old French traitour, from Latin trāditortraditor


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= betrayer, deserter, turncoat, deceiver, informer, renegade, defector, Judas, double-crosser, quisling, apostate, miscreant, fifth columnist, snake in the grass, back-stabber, fizgig,

Translations for 'traitor'

  • British English: traitor A traitor is someone who harms a group that they belong to by helping its enemies. NOUNSome say he's a traitor to the movement.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: traidor traidora
  • Chinese: 背叛者
  • European Spanish: traidor traidora
  • French: traître
  • German: Verräter Verräterin
  • Italian: traditore traditrice
  • Japanese: 裏切り者
  • Korean: 배신자
  • Portuguese: traidor traidora
  • Spanish: traidor traidora

Example Sentences Including 'traitor'

A. We have to eliminate Rajan because he is not only a traitor but is trying to become a patriot.
India Today
Hell, I may not be much of a patriot but at least I'm not a traitor.
MacNeill, Alastair The Devil's Door
However, some parents had complained to the governors of the school about the presence of a traitor.
Irish Times (2002)
I knew she couldn't, yet the little traitor voice in my head kept saying, `You don't know that.
Val McDermid KICK BACK (2002)
Indeed, there were calls for him to be executed as a traitor or a revolutionary by both Kanaks and French.
Misc (1999)
LEEDS should have done more to keep him -but he's a traitor for wanting to leave.
Sun, News of the World (2002)
Plans for a fifth strike were first revealed by American Taliban traitor John Walker Lindh.
Sun, News of the World (2002)
She was kept afloat, consumed with feelings of resentment and indignation and raging against Robin, who she saw as a monstrous traitor.
Virginia Ironside JANEY AND ME: Growing up with my Mother (2003)
The only evidence came from the remarks of a self-confessed and now executed traitor in a pretty wild letter.
Townsend, Eileen In Love and War


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