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treacle (ˈtriːkəl Pronunciation for treacle



  1. Also called: black treacle (British) a dark viscous syrup obtained during the refining of sugar
  2. (British) another name for golden syrup
  3. anything sweet and cloying
  4. (obsolete) any of various preparations used as an antidote to poisoning

Derived Forms

ˈtreacly adjective
ˈtreacliness noun

Word Origin

C14: from Old French triacle, from Latin thēriaca antidote to poison

Translations for 'treacle'

  • British English: treaclePronunciation for treacle Treacle is a thick, sweet, sticky liquid that is obtained from sugar. It is used in making cakes and puddings.ˈtriːkl NOUN
  • Arabic: دِبْسُ السُكَّرPronunciation for دِبْسُ السُكَّر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: melaçoPronunciation for melaço
  • Chinese: 糖蜜Pronunciation for 糖蜜
  • Croatian: šećerni sirupPronunciation for šećerni sirup
  • Czech: melasaPronunciation for melasa
  • Danish: sirupPronunciation for sirup
  • Dutch: stroopPronunciation for stroop
  • European Spanish: melazaPronunciation for melaza
  • Finnish: siirappiPronunciation for siirappi
  • French: mélassePronunciation for mélasse
  • German: SirupPronunciation for Sirup
  • Greek: μελάσαPronunciation for μελάσα
  • Italian: melassaPronunciation for melassa
  • Japanese: 糖蜜Pronunciation for 糖蜜
  • Korean: 당밀Pronunciation for 당밀
  • Norwegian: melassePronunciation for melasse
  • Polish: melasaPronunciation for melasa
  • Portuguese: melaçoPronunciation for melaço
  • Romanian: melasă melase
  • Russian: патокаPronunciation for патока
  • Spanish: melazaPronunciation for melaza
  • Swedish: melassPronunciation for melass
  • Thai: น้ำเชื่อมPronunciation for น้ำเชื่อม
  • Turkish: melasPronunciation for melas
  • Ukrainian: патока
  • Vietnamese: mật đườngPronunciation for mật đường

Example Sentences Including 'treacle'

On a shelf inside the door was a newly baked treacle parkin.
Leeson, Robert The Third Class Genie
I struggled across Warwick Road, which was thick with traffic moving sluggishly north like a stream of treacle.
Taylor, Andy Toy Shop
It was like swimming through treacle , testing Todd's endurance as well as his powers of persuasion.
St. James, Ian Final Resort


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