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trifle  (ˈtraɪfəl



  1. a thing of little or no value or significance
  2. a small amount; bit   ⇒ a trifle more enthusiasm
  3. (British) a cold dessert made with sponge cake spread with jam or fruit, soaked in wine or sherry, covered with a custard sauce and cream, and decorated
  4. a type of pewter of medium hardness
  5. articles made from this pewter


  1. (intransitive) usually foll by with to deal (with) as if worthless; dally   ⇒ to trifle with a person's affections
  2. to waste (time) frivolously

Derived Forms

ˈtrifler  noun

Word Origin

C13: from Old French trufle mockery, from trufler to cheat


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= unimportant matter or thing, trivia, technicality, minutiae
= very small amount, pittance, piddling amount (informal), peanuts (informal)

Quotations including 'trifle'

  • "a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles" [William Shakespeare

Translations for 'trifle'

  • British English: trifle Trifles are things that are not considered important.She always took people's problems seriously, even when they were trifles and easily solved.ˈtraɪfl NOUNtriviality
  • Arabic: تَافِه
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bagatela
  • Chinese: 琐事
  • Croatian: sitnica
  • Czech: maličkost
  • Danish: bagatel
  • Dutch: kleinigheid
  • European Spanish: nimiedad
  • Finnish: pikkuseikka
  • French: broutille
  • German: Kleinigkeit
  • Greek: ψιλοπράγμα
  • Italian: zuppa inglese
  • Japanese: つまらないもの
  • Korean: 시시한 것
  • Norwegian: bagatell
  • Polish: drobnostka
  • Portuguese: bagatela
  • Romanian: fleac fleacuri
  • Russian: пустяк
  • Spanish: minucia
  • Swedish: bagatell
  • Thai: เรื่องเล็กๆ น้อยๆ
  • Turkish: önemsiz şey
  • Ukrainian: дрібниця
  • Vietnamese: đồ lặt vặt
  • British English: trifle Trifle is a cold dessert made of layers of sponge cake, fruit gelatin, fruit, and custard, and usually covered with cream. NOUN...a bowl of trifle.dessert
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bobagem
  • Chinese: 屈莱弗甜食由蛋糕、果冻、水果、蛋奶沙司做成,上浇鲜奶油。屈莱萊弗甜食
  • European Spanish: dulce de bizcocho, gelatina, fruta y natillas
  • French: diplomate
  • German: Trifle
  • Italian: zuppa inglese
  • Japanese: トライフル
  • Korean: 트라이플 스펀지 케이크 등에 크림을 바른 영국식 디저트
  • Portuguese: estupidez
  • Spanish: postre dulce de bizcochuelo, gelatina, fruta y crema

Example Sentences Including 'trifle'

Yorkshire pudding, snow peas topped with sliced almonds, bib lettuce with Roquefort dressing and probably a trifle for dessert.
Terman, Douglas Cormorant
In fact, there is much about politics that the ordinary mind finds a trifle fantastic.
Barnard, Robert Political Suicide
The new school of Freedom critics were extremely prolific, if perhaps a trifle obscure.
Ian St James Awards At the Stroke of Twelve


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