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trunks (trʌŋks Pronunciation for trunks


plural noun

  1. Also called: swimming trunks. a man's garment worn for swimming, either fairly loose and extending from the waist to the thigh or briefer and close-fitting
  2. shorts worn for some sports
  3. (mainly British) men's underpants with legs that reach midthigh

trunk (trʌŋk Pronunciation for trunk



  1. the main stem of a tree, usually thick and upright, covered with bark and having branches at some distance from the ground
  2. a large strong case or box used to contain clothes and other personal effects when travelling and for storage
  3. (anatomy) the body excluding the head, neck, and limbs; torso
  4. the elongated prehensile nasal part of an elephant; proboscis
  5. Also called (Brit, Austral, NZ and South African): boot (US & Canadian) an enclosed compartment of a car for holding luggage, etc, usually at the rear
  6. (anatomy) the main stem of a nerve, blood vessel, etc
  7. (nautical) a watertight boxlike cover within a vessel with its top above the waterline, such as one used to enclose a centreboard
  8. an enclosed duct or passageway for ventilation, etc
  9. (modifier) of or relating to a main road, railway, etc, in a network   ⇒ a trunk line

Derived Forms

ˈtrunkˌful noun
ˈtrunkless adjective

Word Origin

C15: from Old French tronc, from Latin truncus, from truncus (adj) lopped


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= stem, stock, stalk, bole
= chest, case, box, crate, bin, suitcase, locker, coffer, casket, portmanteau, kist
= snout, nose, proboscis

Translations for 'trunks'

  • British English: trunksPronunciation for trunks Trunks are shorts that a man wears when he goes swimming.trʌŋks NOUN
  • Arabic: سِرْوالُ سِبَاحَةٍ لِلرِجَالPronunciation for سِرْوالُ سِبَاحَةٍ لِلرِجَال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sungaPronunciation for sunga
  • Chinese: 游泳裤Pronunciation for 游泳裤
  • Croatian: kupaće gaćePronunciation for kupaće gaće
  • Czech: plavkyPronunciation for plavkypánské
  • Danish: badebukserPronunciation for badebukser
  • Dutch: zwembroekPronunciation for zwembroek
  • European Spanish: bañadorPronunciation for bañador
  • Finnish: uimahousutPronunciation for uimahousut
  • French: short de bainPronunciation for short de bain
  • German: BadehosePronunciation for Badehose
  • Greek: σορτςPronunciation for σορτς
  • Italian: calzoncini da bagnoPronunciation for calzoncini da bagno
  • Japanese: トランクスPronunciation for トランクス
  • Korean: 남자 수영복Pronunciation for 남자 수영복
  • Norwegian: badebuksePronunciation for badebukse
  • Polish: kąpielówkiPronunciation for kąpielówki
  • Portuguese: calções de banhoPronunciation for calções de banho
  • Romanian: chiloți de baie chilot de baie
  • Russian: трусыPronunciation for трусы
  • Spanish: trajes de bañoPronunciation for trajes de baño
  • Swedish: badbyxorPronunciation for badbyxor
  • Thai: กางเกงว่ายน้ำชายPronunciation for กางเกงว่ายน้ำชาย
  • Turkish: yüzücü şortuPronunciation for yüzücü şortu
  • Ukrainian: шорти
  • Vietnamese: quần bơi của đàn ôngPronunciation for quần bơi của đàn ông

Example Sentences Including 'trunks'

Dozens of bodies still clad in swimming trunks lined beaches in Thailand.
Mail and Guardian (2004)
Get into your trunks , Bob, you'll take the first test dive with me.
Arthur, Robert Three in One
He found himself crossing a stream into some thick woods, carpeted with skunk cabbage and littered with fallen trunks.
Brandon, Ruth Left, Right and Centre
I was walking behind and I thought, what a fine pair of legs, like tree trunks they were, and I was right!
Grace, C.L A Shrine of Murders
Page 158: Swim trunks , $98, by Emporio Armani, at Emporio Armani stores; or visit emporioarmani.
Maxim (2004)
The trees are usually set about ten feet apart and the trunks kept bare of branches to about ten feet above the ground.
Page, Russell The Education of a Gardener
The trunks of the trees are made of natural wood from China that was "improperly treated," he said.
canada.com (2004)


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