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unbiased or unbiassed (ʌnˈbaɪəst )



  1. having no bias or prejudice; fair or impartial
  2. (statistics)
    1. (of a sample) not affected by any extraneous factors, conflated variables, or selectivity which influence its distribution; random
    2. (of an estimator) having an expected value equal to the parameter being estimated; having zero bias
    3. Also called: discriminatory (of a significance test) having a power greater than the predetermined significance level

Derived Forms

unˈbiasedly, unˈbiassedly  adverb
unˈbiasedness, unˈbiassedness  noun

Example Sentences Including 'unbiased'

Brian grinned, but wondered if there was an unbiased view of Autumn in the room.
Lawson, Jonell Roses are for the Rich
`I wasn't asking for an unbiased opinion, but I think you've provided one.
Harcourt, Palma Double Deceit


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